Dear Customer,

We established our company AZNUT in Miami, Florida in 2016. Personally I love nuts and dried fruits so much like the most people in US. Eating nuts and dried fruits is very healthy habbit. They are full of vitamins and minerals  directly from a great Nature. However, it was a little bit complicated to find products with high quality, nicely and safety packages and with affordable price. Therefore, we decided to build our own company which will be packed beautiful packages. All products imported, go through  American standards of quality control, certified FDA, USDA, Non Gmo and Kosher and afterward are packaged at our facilities equipped with modern machinery for safety. We understand that to be a member of the food industry is a very responsible task, because everything there is about human health. This responsibility adds additional excitement to our everyday work. For us, the best advertising is people opinions about our products and about our company. We do promise to always keep the highest quality and your trust what is priceless in every meaning. We highly appreciate your support! We invite you Snack&Joy our products!

With the best wishes,


AZNUT Founder